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Covid-19 Directive


Healthy guidelines
It's Us wants to guarantee the well-being of all employees involved in the execution of the service at all times. Both the well-being of our own employees and that of involved partners/customers. As an employer, It's Us must ensure a safe and healthy workplace on the basis of the Working Conditions Act. This applies to workplaces in our own office in Amsterdam as well as at the locations of our customers. Not only is action mandatory on the basis of this law, but the mutual continuity of business operations also benefits when sound guidelines are carefully considered to prevent contamination by a virus. This means that It's Us BV follows the guidelines of the central government and the RIVM. 

Work on location of It's Us
The starting point for It's Us employees to work at the customer's location or at the It's Us office is that the employee works without symptoms of illness (nose cold, frequent coughing/coughing, no smell/no taste, respiratory complaints, >38 degrees Celsius a fever). If there is a suspicion that there is a virus infection at the It's Us office, it may be necessary to have employees tested for the virus by the GGD. In the event of a positive test, It's Us will immediately follow further advice from the GGD. 

We have taken extra hygiene measures to prevent the spread of a virus in the workplace. At the start of work in the office and during the day, the It's Us employee regularly washes his/her hands with soap and/or uses a disinfecting hand gel in accordance with the office protocol. All workplaces/contact points such as desks, office chairs, keyboards, equipment and door handles are kept clean every day. It's Us has made the necessary resources available to all employees who work at our own office in Amsterdam in the form of soap, guaranteeing sufficient distance and disinfectants. All employees can work at > 1.5 mtr distance from other employees in a hygienic workplace in a well-ventilated office.

Work at customer locations
It's Us aims to carry out the work for customers as safely as possible for all involved. This usually means that the work in question is performed remotely. For activities that do not allow remote working, a suitable solution is sought in consultation. In such cases, it will be assessed in good consultation whether work at the customer location is possible and/or whether this is necessary. By necessity, It's Us understands, for example, a calamity, or when the content of the work requires that it must be performed at the customer location. 
Guidelines that apply to customers can, if necessary, be made known to the planning department and to the visiting It's Us employee(s). We will of course comply with these guidelines. If an It's Us employee works at a customer's location, it is desirable that he/she can work in a well-ventilated (private) space and/or at a distance of >1.5 m from other employees. It is also desirable that the It's Us employee can regularly wash his/her hands with soap and use means to keep the workplace clean (disinfect).
If it is required at a customer at the location that the It's Us employee carries out his/her work with a mouth cap, the It's Us employee will also take this into account (all It's Us employees are provided with their own mouth caps or they will use of the mouth caps offered by the customer at the location). Our conditions for a visit on location are always in accordance with the guidelines of the central government and the RIVM.

All our services continue as agreed. We would like to emphasize that the above measures have a preventive character. If there are any new developments or advice regarding the measures regarding Covid-19, we will inform our customers about this further. If you have any questions about the above information, please contact It's Us on 020-5605900 or .

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