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It's Us - Meer dan 20 jaar Gold Partner van Exact - Amsterdam - Nederland

Business solutions

EXACT: Market leader in business software in the Benelux

IT'S US: Gold Partner of Exact Software



Getting the most out of the business with exactly the right software.


We believe that involvement is the foundation for successful collaboration. And being truly involved provides just that extra insight with which we ultimately make the difference.


Working with Exact Software? We know what we are talking about. Our consultants have earned their stripes in the world of Exact and all our consultants are Exact Gold certified. 


Easy. Smooth. Effortless. Words that belong to good automation. Our goal? Simplifying business processes and reducing the efforts and the time that our customers spend on them.

It's Us - Meer dan 20 jaar Gold Partner van Exact - Amsterdam - Nederland


It's Us, Gold Partner of Exact for more than 20 years.
That says enough.



Three steps  to a successful collaboration.

1: Meet with us

Discover new perspectives on automation. Discover where the opportunities lie to get more out of the organization with our solutions.

2: Analysis and advice

Prepare a project with care. Our extensive analysis translates into a reliable and complete foundation to start a project.

3: Start

Trust, involvement, expertise, the right software and a sound project plan. Those are the ingredients for us to start a project together.


Services for Exact

It's Us realizes a design that adds value.

Selection and purchase

It's Us knows everything about Exact Online, Globe, Synergy and related applications. From our experience and expertise, we know better than anyone what the right choices are for your business operation.

Replacement and furnishing

A design so that you can work more effectively and efficiently? That's what we do with passion. Add maximum value to Exact and other business software, for example with scanning solutions or by exchanging data.

Optimization and integration

Customer questions and processes are changing, software is getting better, functionalities are increasing. We optimize the setup in Exact and we integrate related applications.

The It's Us consultants are always super helpful and always go to extra lengths to help their clients.


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