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integration solutions

The SaaS platform that connects all your applications.



All data under control

Coretix (developed by It's Us) exchanges data between applications of your choice (including Exact).

Data always up to date

Coretix synchronizes data between applications. For example financial, logistics, relations, products, orders and changes. This way, data in every application remains up-to-date.

No unnecessary work

Retyping data to another application? Coretix ensures that this is a thing of the past. That saves a lot of time that could be better spent on something else.

Cost saving

Working with Coretix is effective, but also efficient. Especially when it comes to costs. A small investment that quickly pays for itself.





Data integration with one platform for a fixed amount per month.

1: Meet Coretix

Would you like to know more about how Coretix ensures that all data is under control and how we can connect applications? We are happy to make an appointment.

2: Analysis and advice

Where is data recorded? How are records managed? Which plug-ins will we use and which integrations will our consultants provide? We are happy to find out.

3: Integrate and set up

Trust us to let the Coretix platform be the hub between your applications. Coretix can be scaled up and down, or even canceled on a monthly basis.


Integrate systems and exchange data at an affordable price.

One platform, no surprises

The strength of Coretix is that it is a single platform for data exchange between all applications. And because our solution runs in the cloud, no expensive investments need to be made. You only pay for the use.

Safe and trustworthy

Data security is essential these days. The Coretix platform has advanced security techniques, works exclusively over secure connections and all servers and data processing processes are monitored 24 hours a day. 

Flexible and agile

Working with a different or new application? This can be done by simply replacing a plug-in on the Coretix platform and the new application is integrated with existing applications. In other words: more flexible and agile in the rapidly changing world.

Coretix effortlessly synchronizes data with our custom applications.


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