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Webinar: Cross-border Business
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December 1, 2022

10:00 uur NL (CET) session

13:00 uur EN (CET) session

1 hour

This webinar is intended for trading companies with one or more branches abroad, or trading companies who sell goods abroad from the Netherlands (for example via a webshop). Under the guidance of It's Us experts, we use a practical example to discuss current issues that these companies are dealing with and we will show corresponding solutions.



  • Financial with Globe+

  • Support local legislations for over 40 countries

  • MRP & purchasing

  • Sales & orders

  • Stock positions in WMS and at supplier(s)

  • POS systems

  • Webshops

  • WMS

  • Billing

  • Automated matching of payments and orders

  • RMA

  • Reporting & dashboarding

  • How to exchange data between different applications

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